Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Left is Stuck in the Middle

(Photo: Electioncollage by Centrifuga). The center-right coalition, Casa delle Libertà, won local elections which took place between Sunday 27th and Monday 28th ( According to Renato Mannheimer’s analysis (, the brand-new Partito Democratico particularly suffered the fall of voting flow.
The Casa delle Libertà conquered many northern towns previously governed by
L'Unione, the center-left coalition. Here are some of them: Verona, Asti, Alessandria, Monza, Vercelli and Gorizia. Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and Umberto Bossi’s Lega Nord had the best performances within the coalition. This good results add up to the victory in Sicily local elections two weeks ago (
Although L'Unione kept power in Genova, it lost a great deal of votes in Northern Italy. It won in L’Aquila and in Taranto supporting radical left candidates, and in Agrigento supporting an ex-center-right candidate.
The Partito Democratico, which has been recently established by the merger of the two bigger parties of L'Unione,
Democratici di Sinistra and Margherita, doesn’t represent workers properly and it still doesn’t convince the middle class. It simply doesn’t express any political vision at all, since its members have different views upon almost every subject.
You can’t win if you’re stuck in the middle.

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