Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Resigning Strenghtens Democracy

(Photo: I will take care of it, by Centrifuga). Friday, June 1st, the Assistant Secretary of Economy Vincenzo Visco suspended himself temporarily while the Government decided to remove General Roberto Speciale, the Commander of Guardia di Finanza, the fiscal police ( Those decisions came after an intensive press debate.
A year ago, in June 2006, Mr Speciale suggested Mr Visco a rotation of a good deal of officers. Mr Visco then suggested to include in this rotation some others officers in service in Milan. Mr Speciale accepted Mr Visco’s suggestion, but then he actually didn’t include those officers in the scheduled rotation (
According to Maurizio Belpietro, Mr Visco wanted those officers to be removed because they were investigating over financial and power relationships – apparently disclosed by the Antonveneta-Bnl case – between the insurance company
Unipol and Mr Visco’s party, the Democratici di Sinistra (
On the contrary, Giuseppe D'Avanzo asserts that Mr Speciale is member of a network aiming to interfere with democracy, a new
P2 which is conditioning the regular activity of republican institutions: the cases Telecom, Abu-Omar and Antonveneta-Bnl would be all emerging symptoms of this disease (
First, Leopoldo Elia explained that the Government has the right to remove the Commander of Guardia di Finanza ( Second, a year ago Mr Visco should have told the public opinion everything he knew. Besides, last Friday he should have resigned completely: indeed, if he is faultless and irreproachable, as the Center-Left says, he could now thouroughly defend himself. Suspending himself temporarily, on the contrary, Mr Visco weakens both the Government and the Republic.

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