Sunday, 11 April 2010

Why Silvio Berlusconi Is Still in Charge

(Centrifuga, i giovani, i giovani 2) 

[Edoardo Montenegro, Turin] - The Italian Left seems still unable to take advantage of a collapsing Democratic Party, which fell from 33.17% in 2008 to 26.10% in 2010. 

49 senators of the party recently wrote to their secretary setting straight the reason of the defeat: "We are constantly tempted by bourgeoisification, which comes to the point of making us wickedly transversal while pretending to look reformist. Our founding values are at risk of wobbling under mistrust and owing to a neo-relativism which intoxicates our conscience leading us to the most guilty sloth" (1). 

The Democratic party is old, traditional and not motivated to change. On the contrary, in December 2009 Italy saw a young, innovative and motivated movement - the Purple People - gathering supposedly about one million persons to celebrate a No Berlusconi Day. 

Nevertheless, still divided, the parties at the Left of the Democratic Party fail to fulfill the expectations of these citizens: Italy of Values got 7.27%, Left Ecology and Freedom got 3.03%; the Federation of the Left got 2.74%. A steady ignored winner, the Five Stars Movement inspired by Beppe Grillo got 6% in Emilia Romagna and 3.66% in Piedmont. 

The one who better understood the problem is probably the most fit to lead the Italian Left. Luigi De Magistris, a former magistrate and now a MEP with Italy of Values, sensibly said: "We need to build a political laboratory holding the forces of the Left, starting from those subjects who proved to be in touch with the people. We need to involve in this project, which will give birth to a new alliance between parties and movements [...], workers and trade unions, politicians of the different forces of the Left, journalists, writers, intellectuals, professionals. In these times of riconstruction the very best of the country is needed, nobody can turn his back." 


(1) "L’imborghesimento ci tenta in continuazione ed arriva persino a coinvolgerci in scellerate trasversalità ammantate di riformismo. I nostri valori fondanti rischiano di vacillare sotto i colpi della sfiducia e di un neo relativismo che intossica le nostre coscienze per condurci verso la più colpevole accidia." The text of this letter and the names of the 49 senators who wrote it can be read in Italian at 

(2) "Si deve, poi, aprire un laboratorio politico in cui mettere insieme le forze della sinistra a cominciare da quei soggetti che hanno dimostrato un forte radicamento popolare. Coinvolgere in questo cantiere che condurrà alla nascita di un'alleanza politica tra partiti e movimenti - con le forme che si riterranno più adeguate - il mondo del lavoro e dei sindacati, politici delle varie forze della sinistra, giornalisti, scrittori, intellettuali, professionisti. In questi momenti di ricostruzione c'è bisogno del contributo delle forze migliori del Paese, nessuno può girarsi dall'altra parte." (

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