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The Death of Italian Trade Unions

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[Edoardo Montenegro, Turin] - 5,000 FIAT workers will be asked to give up the right to strike on a referendum taking place next week.

FIAT will invest € 700 mln to move the production of the Panda Model from Tychy (Poland) to Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples) in 2012. The Italian plant will produce 270,000 cars a year instead of the current 35,000 (1). As a result, a Panda made in Naples would still cost € 500 to 600 more than one made in Poland (2) but FIAT will thus pursue the aim to keep part of its production in Italy. Working 40 hours a week and 120 overtime hours a year on 18 different weekly shifts (3), workers will be sanctioned if promoting strikes during mandatory overtime (4).

The continuous production FIAT aims to establish in Pomigliano cannot tolerate strikes (5). As Luciano Gallino explained, although price competition is pushing FIAT to make workers act as robots, this lack of alternatives has been determined by the surrender of politcs and law-making (6).

The right to strike is indeed the essence of industrial relations and cannot be violated (7). Only FIOM (8) clearly claimed that this right is not available for negotiation (9). The local branch of CGIL (10) exhorted workers to vote (11), while CISL (12) simply joined Confindustria (13) and the Italian Government in accusing FIOM of extremism (14). As for UIL (15), its leader proudly admitted that the age of "antagonism" is finished (16).

The denial of social conflict humiliates democracy, whose specific role is to regulate it peacefully. As Sergio Cofferati pointed out, in Pomigliano the Italian trade unions are committing suicide (17).

Nevertheless, workers are still alive in Italy as well as in Poland (18). Sooner or later, they will rise again for their rights.


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