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Italian Democrats Desperately Seeking Identity

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[Edoardo Montenegro, Turin] - In case of elections, one Italian out of three would not be able to decide whether to vote or not (1). The Democratic Party is credited with a voting intention of 26%, representing just 13% of potential voters (2).

Its supporters look divided when asked what the party should do. Keeping the Italy of Values as the only ally (30%)? Standing alone (27%)? Forming an alliance with different parties: Left Ecology and Freedom (28%)? Union of the Centre (23%)? Alliance for Italy (14%)? Future and Freedom (10%)? (3).

Confusion might not be greater, if some hope in Luca Cordero di Montezemolo - former President of Confindustria - as the best democratic candidate against Silvio Berlusconi (4). The chairman of Ferrari, who was also suggested as the candidate of Future and Freedom (5), denied so far any intention to enter politics (6).

According to the sociologist Ilvo Diamanti, the Democratic Party lacks three key elements: a strong and shared leadership; a few clear political issues; a flexible and open organization (7). The Italian electoral law, instead, encourages the formation of conglomerated political parties lacking any real identity (8).

In 1994 the Italian Left lost the chance to win by giving up making an alliance with the Catholic Center, thus allowing Silvio Berlusconi to come to power. The following attempt to impose in Italy a two-party system was a pure illusion.

The Democratic Party should now reaffirm its lost leftist identity, sharing a credible electoral programme with Left Ecology and Freedom and the Italy of Values. This goal achieved, the party should form a civic platform with the Union of the Center and Future and Freedom to defend the Italian Constitution and beat Silvio Berlusconi once and for all.

But haste is never a good counselor.


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