Sunday, 9 January 2011

Waiting for the Democratic Drunkard

(Lorenzo [il Barone] Caleca, Legazzo #87)

[Edoardo Montenegro, Turin] - As Italy is going through a difficult time in its 150 years history as a united state (1), the Italian Democratic Party sways and staggers as a drunkard in the street.

In his speech for the New Year, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano appealed to the political system to grant a better future to the young people (2), whose unemployement rate reached 28.9% in November (3).

So far, the Democratic Party was not able to explain how to support students against cuts to University funds, crack down on tax evasion and invest to create new jobs in knowledge-based fields.

Besides, the Democratic Party is facing the struggle on worker rights between FIOM and FIAT lacking of any real political commitment to regulate social conflict, as politics is supposed to do in every democratic system (4).

In Turin, once FIAT's one-company town, the Democratic Party is approaching local elections amidst harsh internal fights and deep political turmoil (5), with both the outgoing mayor Sergio Chiamparino (6) and the most likely candidate to his succession Piero Fassino (7) siding with FIAT against FIOM.

Fearing the judgement of citizens and in spite of celebrating primary elections as the distinctive element of its character, the Democratic Party is now considering to escape them for the choice of its candidate as Prime Minister (8).

In a country where 45% of national income is held by 10% of the population (9) and where tax evasion reaches € 120 bn a year (10), the leader of the main opposition party should not limit himself to make a diagnosis of the problem (11).

While wating for Silvio Berlusconi's fall, Mr Bersani and his brothers in arms should clearly explain which project they have for the future of the country and whom they really want as their allies to come back to power.


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